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What is a Résidence de Tourisme?


A “Résidence de Tourisme” is a complex providing home-from-home accommodation, specially fitted out for tourist clientele (business or leisure) for short- or long-term stays. These are managed by a single operating company, and the apartments meet standard requirements.
The term “Résidence de Tourisme” is usually reserved for accommodation which is rated in compliance with the national reference system ranging from 1 to 5 stars.
However, this classification is not compulsory, and half of the rental properties have been assigned a rating in practice.
A new rating system was implemented in 2010 and since the 1 January 2013 only residences complying with the new standards may display the “Résidence de Tourisme” plaque.

Of the 2,176 residences listed in the sector, about half have already been rated. Most of the others have submitted their application.

A Résidence de Tourisme is in fact a combined product :

  • For the investor, it’s a real estate security investment, bought in full property and managed by a professional operator, with possibly rights of possession one a given period.
  • For the consumer, it’s a rental offer, a package of smart and comfortable, different for traditional hotels and partly furnished accommodations. They provide accommodations with services and entertainment activities at seaside, countryside, mountain resorts or in town, with fair prices for families, companies lonely travellers.

The renting of flats in a Résidence de Tourisme is a convenient accommodation package, that guarantee the quality and the comfort giving you independence. A smart package which has been strongly developed during the last years, thanks to several assets :

  • The location quality, made for and close to entertainments, on seaside, down mountains and ski tracks, or in city centers
  • The flexibility: for short or longer journeys, for simple accommodation or “à la carte” services
  • Ensuring comfort: the furniture, the decoration, normalised comfort equipment.
  • The friendliness of a personalised welcoming in different languages and welcoming places
  • The space : at equal category, a Résidence de Tourisme’s flat is fairly bigger than a simple room
  • The exclent ratio quality/price, with no compulsory extra costs, is from 20 up to 40% cheaper and equivalent traditional hotel, meals included.

A large services panel:

Adagio---RéceptionAll kind of services are proposed nowadays by Résidences de Tourisme (included or paying) :

Everywhere :

Reception, mails, keys, information, bed linen, cleaning service

Mostly everywhere:

Parking, TV, direct phone in the flat, Internet access, animations

In one residence on two:

Bar, cafeteria, swimming pool, business corner, laundry

In one residence on five:

Restaurant, tennis, games area for children, fitness room

But also :

Pets accepted, ski equipment renting, spectacles booking, baby-sitting, sports training, cultural events etc…