Association activities

Asserting its unique nature and dynamism

The SNRT is helping to develop and improve the administrative system governing “Résidences de Tourisme” and standard furnished complexes Regulatory texts and studies are available to members, in the following areas:

  • Tax (VAT, scheme and application, resort tax, business rates)
  • Administrative (classification, accreditation)
  • Technical aspects (electricity protocol, telecommunications, safety and accessibility

Defending member interests

The SNRT guides its members at every stage of “Résidences de Tourisme” classification to
help them become familiar with new procedures

Taking part in discussions


  • to contribute to the drafting of regulatory texts
  • to organise the industry at social level, and enter into dialogue with other professional bodies
  • to express and defend innovations concerning our memb
  • to provide a permanent source of statistical data on our activity.

For instance, a Good Practice Charter for “Résidences de Tourisme” operators in areas of rural redevelopment was signed in September 2008 to remind all those involved in setting up a complex of the key points relating to sound operating practices.

Promoting its identity

Acting as the spokesperson for the media for all matters concerning activities relating to the complexes: impact of new regulations, business statistics, original initiatives, etc.
Press releases and press kits are regularly created in order to maintain contact.
Maintaining preferential dialogue with the main market opinion leaders

  • Atout France
  • Regional and departmental tourism committees
  • Tourist boards and tourist offices
  • Tour operators and travel agents

to promote widespread recognition of the unique nature of the complexes in an appropriate manner.