Services and facilities


Can I come and go as I please ?

When you rent a “Résidence de Tourisme” apartment, it is your home for your entire stay.
You keep the keys, and can come and go as you please. Complex staff can only have access to your apartment if you request a service (e.g. housekeeping) or a repair.

Can I invite friends over ?

“Résidence de Tourisme” apartments are designed to be used both day and night: there is a
sofa-bed in the sitting room, which makes it easy for you to invite friends in the day or to stay overnight.

Do I need to bring my own bedding ?

All “Résidences de Tourisme” provide bedding, as a supplement or included in the price. Some
complexes offer to have the beds made before you arrive. You should check this with the complex (this also applies to towels, etc.).

Are there any city centre “Résidences de Tourisme” complexes ?

A number of “Résidences de Tourisme” complexes have been developed in city centres over the past ten years or so. These also offer tailor-made housekeeping, linen and reception services,
and often specific services for business men (photocopiers, computer connections, etc.).

Are there any apartments large enough for a family with 3 children for a week’s holiday ?

Our “Résidences de Tourisme” accommodation in seaside/mountain resorts mainly consist of 2-room (4
– 5 people) and 3-room (5 – 6 people) apartments. Four+ room apartments are available but are harder to find. These are more common in the countryside.Our city complexes mostly offer studios and 2-room apartments. Accommodating a family of five is therefore not a problem.

Do I need to book in advance ?

“Résidence de Tourisme” accommodation is very popular among families and visitors from abroad. It is therefore advisable to book in advance, especially during school holidays, by calling the chosen complex directly or the central booking agency for a chain.

Is there a central booking agency for “Résidences de Tourisme” ?

The SNRT provides information on all of its member “Résidences de Tourisme”. However, reservations must be made directly via the complex itself, or via the central booking agency for a chain.

Can I borrow an iron or a bottle-warmer ?

The apartments are equipped with crockery, kitchen utensils and household equipment necessary as part of family life. However, guests with specific requirements should ask at the complex reception:
in most cases, the service will be free of charge.

What is included in the rental cost ?

The rental cost stated in the brochures includes accommodation including service charges.
In some cases, this may also include housekeeping at the end of your stay, bedding and a television set. You should check with the individual complex.

Do I need to collect the keys from an agency on arrival ?

“Résidences de Tourisme” complexes have an on-site reception which is open every day
to provide guests with keys and any necessary information on arrival. Reception staff at 2* complexes are required to be bilingual, and trilingual at 3* complexes. They are there to take messages and advise guests on useful addresses and tourist activities etc. At 4* complexes, the reception is nearly
always open 24 hours a day.