Why become a member of SNRT?

SNRT is a professional trade association serving the interests of its members. Here are 5 good reasons for becoming a member of SNRT:

As a member of SNRT :

Get access to all regulations specific to tourist residences and apartment hotels, either directly, or with the assistance of a permanent staff member.

Receive updates on all legal, regulatory and labour issues via a members’ newsletter.

Exchange with other members on all manner of concrete issues. Other members often have solutions to the day-to-day problems encountered by a given operator.

Get a listing on our website (in the list of residences). Visitors looking for accommodation will be redirected to a member’s website.

Get a 28% discount on SACEM royalties (French professional association collecting payments of artists’ royalties) (depending on the number of apartments managed, this discount can represent between 30% and 40% of the annual SNRT subscription).

Not yet a member ?

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